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August 2020
Kaye and Read Hudson
16 August 2020
Come All Ye
23 August 2020
Chris Penman with John Maydon
30 August 2020
September 2020
The Phil Corfield Band
6 September 2020
Kelvin Cummings
13 September 2020
Sweet Hurricane
20 September 2020
October 2020
John Meddings & Terry Ebeling
18 October 2020
November 2020
Richard Thompson tribute
8 November 2020
The Phil Corfield Band

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Starts 7:30 pm

Phil writes - "The Phil Corfield Band' has had a few line ups since it first came into being. The name came when we were invited to play at Greendale in September 2012. It was myself, Jean Barkman and John Sule that formed the first line up. Barrie Clubb asked us what we were called and in the absence of a name he said, "Well Iíll just call you ĎThe Phil Corfield Bandí I felt very self conscious about that, but John and Jean didnít mind what we were called and so the name stayed.

 John has been with me ever since I met him at a jam at The Empire Hotel. He will be playing his preferred instrument, Electric Bass.   Jean has now come back in with her armory of Banjo,Madill 6 string Guitar, 8 string uke, Eggs, Autoharp, Harmony and some Lead vocals.  Iíll be playing the Barkman 12 string, a Singing Wood 6 string and singing lead vocals. Stephen Hudson who played with us at Whare Flat, is the masterful drummer. Peter Knight who has been a constant in my life for many years, plays lead guitar and sings harmonies. 

Out of the 190 songs I have written over a period of 39 years, I have picked 14 for this gig, including three that have been written over the last two and a half years. So what have we got. What are these songs about? Storms and Divinity, Divorce, PTSD, Loneliness and Dreams, big life changes, depression, remembrance of people no longer here, either dead or living, psychedelic dancer, staying strong as we get older, loves and heartbreak, plans gone wrong, gold miners and fruit trees, the teacher who wants to be a reggae bass player, two adventurist boys on the road and Rolliní Down Blueskin Bay on a fast motorbike."

Photo Credit: Richard Dingwall


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