Sunday, July 27, 2014

Starts 7:30 pm

Footspa’s eclectic selection of music "from Europe and beyond" aims to get toes tapping and hands clapping – that is, if you can work out the rhythm! It is common to hear 7/8th and 15/16th time signatures in Footspa’s repertoire and it certainly keeps the band on their toes, if not the audience.
Enjoying the challenge are musicians Marcus Turner (accordion, guitar), Anna Bowen (fiddle), Sean Manning (cittern) and Louise Frampton (flute). The band was initially set up five years ago to play for a traditional Polish dance. Although that gig   never actually eventuated, Footspa members enjoyed the music and have continued playing traditional dance tunes in their varied repertoire ever since. This has resulted in the band playing for numerous dances including for the Farandol dancers in Christchurch and for  Balkan dance classes  at  Wellington and Whare Flat folk festivals.

But not all of the band’s music is fast paced. Interwoven among the Bulgarian Horas and Italian Polkas  are slower French and  Breton melodies and, more recently, beautiful new compositions by Marcus.

In recent years, Footspa has incorporated more songs into their line-up and the musicians also enjoy the challenge of singing in languages such as French, Bulgarian and Turkish.

So be prepared to be transported to the other side of the world as Footspa takes you on a journey to Europe -- with a few stop-overs on the way!

All Sunday clubnights and events are at Embers, 2 Manor Place, 7:30pm unless otherwise stated.
Club closed on long weekends.
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