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March 2017
4 March 2017
Sturrock & Ward
5 March 2017
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12 March 2017
Jon Sanders & Krissy Jackson
19 March 2017
Songwriters Cafe
24 March 2017
Rennie Pearson
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April 2017
Claire Hastings
2 April 2017
Canadian Songs
9 April 2017
Canterbury Folk Festival
from 14 Apr 2017
to 17 Apr 2017
Saturday, March 04, 2017

Starts 8 pm

50Dundas presents the internationally-acclaimed American folk duo Hungrytown, who are now on their third tour of New Zealand. Hungrytown's songs and music have appeared in numerous television programmes, including the Independent Film Channel's, Portlandia, Comedy Central's The Daily Show and Neftlix's new hit comedy, Lady Dynamite; as well as in various documentaries and major sporting events.

Hungrytown is made up of Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson, from the northeastern state of Vermont. They have been touring professionally for nearly 15 years and are currently on a seven-month mega-tour, performing more than 70 shows from January through July. Their travels will take them coast-to-coast through the US, then onto New Zealand, followed by their tenth tour of the United Kingdom.
Hungrytown's third and latest album, Further West, made the top 10 on the American Folk DJ charts for two months, and at least 14 "Best of 2015" lists.
$15 ($10 members) 

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