Kim and Dusty

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Starts 7:30 pm

Kim and Dusty formed when Dusty relocated to the heart of Wellington's Country music scene in Brooklyn.

Dusty cut his teeth and wore down his boot heels in Taranaki where he has spent the last several years playing Mandolin and singing in local Bluegrass Band The Federal String Band.

Kim Bonnington fell off the back of a wagon in Nelson sometime in the early 80s and has been singing and performing with some of New Zealand's most loved musicians since she was old enough to yodel. 

Playing a range of contemporary and traditional folk, blues, bluegrass and country songs they focus on tight harmonies and great musicianship. Kim and Dusty can put on a lively show or add great atmosphere as background music. 

All Sunday clubnights and events are at Embers, 2 Manor Place, 7:30pm unless otherwise stated.
Club closed on long weekends.
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